Friday, 17 April 2015

I Found...An Awesome Catalogue

The title of this post should really read 'Friend Found', as I was sent a link to this marvellous catalogue by a stamp buddy. But I'm sure he won't mind me posting it here.

If you are like me then you really like to browse through a catalogue with actual pages! Don't get me wrong - I love the net and all that it can provide, but I still prefer to read from a real book. There's something mystical about holding a book, leafing through the pages, catching the aroma of all that locked in wisdom... Anyway you get the point!

I  figured that since collecting Czeslaw Slania was rather specialised, a catalogue would not have been printed. After all, printing costs etc wouldn't make it worthwhile. Right? Er, wrong? I was shocked and nicely surprised when I was sent a link to a catalogue entitled Czeslaw Slania: Catalogue of Works. Cool eh? Let's do a bit of a review of it here.

Czeslaw Slania: Catalogue of Works was published in 2007. It was written by Andrzef Fischer. It is a beautifully presented book in hardcover. And this isn't one of those books that you rip from the packaging to discover it is wafer thin (had that more than a few times!). It has a very respectable 240 pages. The text of the book is in both Polish and English.

As I said the book presents well.

Let's take a look inside...

A lot of catalogues tend to have black & white images, which in my opinion kinda defeats the purpose. This catalogue has great colour images of the stamps.

Truly a great book. So what about the price? Here we hit a snag! As will most specialised works there is a premium price to be paid. Unfortunately this catalogue is no different. The cheapest copy of this book I could find is on eBay for the cool sum of $102 Australian dollars or $80 US. This price doesn't even include postage! Sadly this price is well out of my budget range. But I can dream. Maybe one day...

So until next time...

Stay Slania Crazy!


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    1. Hi Nivelle,
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