Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sweden 1978 - Brown Bear

The Ursus Arctos better known as the Brown Bear, is the largest terrestrial carnivoran.  It can stand upwards of 150 cm at the shoulder, and an adult can weigh in at an impressive 640 kg. The Brown Bear can be found lumbering about India, Canada, China, United States (particularly Alaska), Scandinavia, and parts of Russia. There are many recognised subspecies of the Brown Bear. Click HERE for more details.


On April 11 1978, Sweden issued a stamp, engraved by Czeslaw Slania, which, I think is truly stunning...

The subject of the stamp is a Brown Bear stalking the bogs of Sörvattnet, Härjedalen. Czeslaw Slania engraved this stamp from a photograph. And he has done a superb job. The detail is exquisite. One can almost see the muscles of this majestic creature rippling beneath its thick fur as it travels the bogs, hunting for a good feed.

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