Thursday, 17 March 2016

I Muse...On Czeslw Slania's Titles and Medals

Today is 17 March, which is the 11th Anniversary of the death of the stamp engraving virtuoso, Czeslaw Slania.

To commemorate this day, I was originally planning to do a bit of a biography of Slania. But then I thought, maybe it would be better to focus instead on the awards and titles he received during his amazing career. And there are plenty of them, let me tell you!

Below is a list of the awards and titles he received that I could find. I have no idea if it is complete, but even if it is, it is mightily impressive:

  • He was appointed Court Engraver to King Gustav VI Adolph of Sweden.
  • He was awarded the Order of the Dannebrog by Queen Margaret II of Denmark...

  • He was awarded he King's Medal of the Eighth Size with Royal Blue Ribbon by King Karol XVI Gustav of Sweden...

  • Order of Saint Charles awarded by Prince Rainier III of Monaco...

  • The Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland awarded by President Aleksander Kwasniewski...

  • Order of Saint Gregory awarded by Pope John Paul II...

  • Guinness Book of Records for the largest ever engraved stamp, which was also his 1000th engraved stamp. Issued in Sweden on 17 March 2000, which I only just now realised is the same date as his death five years later.


His amazing stamp engraving career notwithstanding, Czeslaw Slania's awards and titles are truly something to be admired.

On 17 March 2005 the supremely talented artist, Czeslaw Slania, died at the age of 83 in Krakow and he was buried in the Rakowicki Cemetery. Your stunning visual legacy lives on and will continue do to so for, I hope, a long time to come. Your work has certainly touched and inspired me. You are a legend, Mr Slania!!

Until next time...

Stay Slania Crazy!


  1. rien à dire , cet hommage est unique !

    1. Thanks Nivelle! I'm glad you like the tribute :)


    2. Great tribute! Your blogs are better and better, Matt. Just look at these "reactions".

    3. Thanks Keram! I'm glad you liked it. I am slowly getting more confident with this caper... :)