Thursday, 7 September 2017

Faroe Islands 1985 - Contemporary Paintings (Part 1)

Thomas Arge was born 1942 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Initially he trained to be a carpenter. But he soon began taking art courses in the newly established school of painting in Tórshavn, while plying his trade as a carpenter. Arge seemed to have a natural talent for art. As early as 1962 at just 20 years of age his art debuted at the annual Olai exhibition in Tórshavn. Then in 1964 he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he had the Danish modernist Richard Mortensen as a professor. Over the years Arge developed a mastery of abstract expressionist art. A large amount of his art features the theme of nature.


On 3 June 1985 Faroe Islands issued a set of three stamps celebrating contemporary Faroese artists. Each stamp features the work of a particular artist. Czeslaw Slania was given the challenging task of reproducing these artworks One of these stamps features a piece of art by Thioma Arge, titled Garden in Hoyvik. The stamp is part engraving and part lithography.

The original artwork which this lovely stamp replicates can be found in the National Faroese gallery.The original gallery was built in 1970. But now the collection, consisting some 2600 pieces, is housed in  a lovely new building, designed to resemble a traditional Faroese boathouse.

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