Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Poland 1952 - Aviation Day

To celebrate Poland's Aviation Day in 1952 a set of three stamps, two semi-postal and one standard post, were issued on 23 August. The high value of the semi-postal stamps of the set, the 45+15 GR, was designed by Slania. Interestingly, while compiling my Slania stamps of 1952, I noticed that with most of them he was responsible for the design only. The Aviation Day is one such example. The stamp was engraved by M.R. Polak. I have seen the name Polak on many a Poland stamp. I am assuming these were all done by the same Polak, but I could be wrong. And thanks to some info from a follower, Keram, I have discovered that Slania was in fact Polak's student. I love getting new info like this!


This stamp is an absolute stunner. The more I look at it the more it is becoming a favourite.


Speaking of looking at the stamp, I have done quite a lot of that while working on this blog. I have spent a fair bit of time trying to identify the type of plane depicted on the stamp. Here I must thank Keram for assisting me in the identification of the plane. It is a Zuch- 2.

The Zuch was a Polish aerobatics and training aircraft built in 1948 by LWD (Lotnicze Warsztaty Doświadczaine). The Zuch-2 was LWD's second prototype. It had a radial engine with seven cylinders. There is a bump out in the cowling for each of the cylinders. It was first flown on 1 April 1949. This plane was also a trainer so it seated two - the trainee pilot and the instructor. LWD built 5 of this type of plane, all of which were in service to aero clubs. I am assuming then, that at least one of these planes appeared at Poland's Aviation Day in 1952.

If you are interested in Polish aircraft, give THIS site a look.

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  1. There are three stamps in this set. Two of them semi-postal. Highest value is 90 gr.

    When Slania has started work in PWPW he was a pupil of M. R. Polak. They worked on some stamps together.

    Shortly afterwards, as we know, the student surpassed the master.

    1. Thanks yet again, Keram! My learning is growing exponentially. I love it!