Friday, 20 January 2017

Faroe Islands 1979 - International Children's Year

On 1 October 1979 Faroe Islands issued a charming set of three stamps in honour of International Children's Year. Each stamp depicts a drawing made by a Faroe Islands child. I presume there was some form of contest and there were three winners. The stamps were engraved by Czeslaw Slania. And he has done a masterful job capturing the beauty of each of the children's drawings.


The 110o stamp features a girl wearing a festive costume. The original was drawn by Edel Davidsen, who was 8 years old.


The 150o stamp depicts a fisherman in a boat, complete with some fish swimming about beneath the boat. The original drawing was made by Rasmus Fossa, aged 7 years old.


The 200o stamp features two friends, perhaps playing, on the grass. The original was drawn by Snorri Peterson, aged 8.

These three stamps are truly delightful. I really like them.

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