Saturday, 9 April 2016

I Interview...Som from India

A Facebook friend and follower of my blog, named Som, graciously volunteered some of his time for a Slania Crazy interview. Enjoy!

Slania Crazy: Thank you very much for participating in my "I Interview..." series.
Som: Many thanks for choosing me.

Q: When did you start collecting Slania stamps?
A: When I started back into stamp collecting in 2009 after taking a four year break, I began collecting Slania. But I guess to be more precise, I started collecting Slania in 2010.

Q: What drew you to start collecting Slania?
A: Well, I remember that I had just started collecting Faroe Island stamps, and at that point I must admit I was fairly ignorant about Slania. Slowly I grew more and more attracted to Faroe Islands stamps, especially the engraved ones. After browsing around and consulting senior collectors, I came to know more about Slania and I thought it would be nice to collect these special artistic stamps. They included so much detail.

Q: What is your favourite Slania stamp, and why is it your favourite?
A: This question is too difficult to answer.

Q: Where do you usually get your Slania stamps?
A: Exchanges from fellow collectors. Ebay. Also in 2014 I was in Sweden on a business trip and I had the opportunity to visit a stamp shop in Lund. He had an amazing collection of Slania material, specifically signed items. So I emptied my pockets there!

Q: What references do you like using?
A: Only one reference:
I feel it's quite a handy reference.

Q: Do you remember what your first Slania stamp was?
A: I think it was the 1979 Faroese Ram

Q: Do you collect any other engravers?
A: Well, not exactly. But as part of my France/French Colonies collection I have some, and they are all catchy.

Q: What are your other stamp specialisms?
A: I collect train and railway themed stamps. I also collect some birds on stamps that I like. Country-wise, I collect Faroe Islands, Greenland, and France pre 1970.

Q: How do you store your Slania stamps?
A: I still need to organise them nicely. Currently I have them housed in Lighthouse albums.

Q: Do you have any collecting tips to share?
A: Okay, the main thing is patience. In time things will definitely show up. And we have to remain focused and concentrate on collecting his art works and postal stationary. Being Slania collectors we can't ignore anything of his.

I'd like to thank Som again for the interview. As always, if anyone else out there wishes to participate, please let me know in the comments.

Until next time...

Stay Slania Crazy!


  1. Thumbs up for interview section. Looking for more. Nice to hear someone from Idia is interested in Slania artworks.

    1. Hi Keram,
      If you know anyone who might be interested, get them to send me a message. I too am really enjoying this section of the blog.


  2. Thanks Keram and Matt for interviewing me great honour